6 Reasons Your Kid Should Do NinjaFit

  • They will have a blast.  We work really hard to make our NinjaFit classes fun for all kids regardless of size, shape, or ability. Our obstacle courses are created for the kids to have tons of fun doing and our coaches are there to make sure they get help if they need it and lots of encouragement. No sitting on the sidelines here.
  • They will be better at all sports. While having fun and getting out some energy on the obstacle they will also be improving all 7 components of fitness. No we didn’t just set up on the fly…each movement helps build flexibility, endurance, stamina, skill, strength, speed and power. Not bad for 45 minutes huh…
  • They will be more confident.  It’s a tough world out there for kids these days.  Kids feel not good enough, afraid to fail, like they don’t fit in….way too much.  NinjaFit will challenge your kids to work really hard and try things they think they can’t do…and try again when they fail. The success of finally doing something they thought they couldn’t gives them confidence that is hard to get elsewhere.
  • They will do better in school. Random huh. It’s actually a fact. We work on grip strength A LOT in our NinjaFit classes which not only helps you hang, climb, lift, and throw better…it also helps you hold a pencil better and have better handwriting.  Your teacher will thank you.
  • They will behave better. We run our classes like we parent our kids (ok like Travis parents our kids).  Kids listen, pay attention, follow instructions, act kindly to kids and coaches, and clean up…or get ready to do a lot of burpees. You’ll thank us for this.
  • You will have a blast. It’s not that common to see so many parents actually coming to watch the entire class with their phones in hand…not to check email but to get a video or picture of their child doing something amazing, trying something cool, finding out that they are really good at doing something…or just having FUN!

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