The CrossFit Open & Fortitude


It’s defined as strength of mind that enables a person to bear pain and encounter adversity with courage.

I’m doing the Crossfit Open this year to build mental and physical fortitude.

Some common misconceptions: I’m not fit enough, I can’t do all the movements, I don’t want to compete, etc. Do not allow these thoughts to keep you from something that can be truly beneficial for your life.

The Open is an opportunity for you to strengthen your mind to handle life when it gets TOUGH. That’s the bigger picture. It’s not just working out. It’s seeing the challenge and facing it, no matter what. We don’t know when the trials and hardships of life are going to hit us, but we will be as strong as we can in those moments.

The Open is 5 weeks, one workout a week, and we will be doing the announced workouts on Friday. It’s a great way to apply all your hard work and training. Also, you can see your world ranking if that’s something that interests you. You want to be ready for anything. Plus, it’s a lot of fun  We have some of our greatest moments as a gym community during these workouts.

There’s no pressure to have to sign up. Everyone can still do these workouts and have fun. However, if you are interested in signing up or already have, tell the world! There’s a lot of power in stating something publicly. You can do this. It will not just be an individual effort. We’re gonna get through this as a team ?  Remember the goal!

-Coach Ernest