Monday Gym Schedule Change

MAP - CFNA to UH Park

This coming Monday, April 10th, we will be closing down the gym for most of the day to allow for filming of the Spartan Team Challenge. Don’t worry, you can still get your workout in!

Here’s how we will be handling classes…

Monday, April 10th Classes

5:15a & 6:00a – Class as usual at gym
8:30a – Class cancelled
9:30a & 12:00p – Classes relocated to Underwood Hills Park with Ernest
5:15p & 6:15p– Class as usual at gym
7:15pm – Class cancelled

Weather is supposed to be great on Monday so we encourage you to make the park WOD if you are able! Coach Ernest has put together a killer workout. #spicymeatball.

We have doubled the class cap for the afternoon classes so you PMers shouldn’t have an issue reserving a spot.

The parking lot will be full with crew vehicles at this time so plan to use street parking or the Wells Fargo lot. Please do not park in side lot in front of Salon.

NinjaFit class will also be relocated to the park at 4:15pm. There will be no open access available during the day.

Whether you plan to workout at the gym or the park, please be sure to reserve your spot in Wodify so we know how many people to expect and can plan accordingly.

Thank You!

We know this is an inconvenience for some of you and we greatly appreciate your understanding. We’ll be back in full swing on Tuesday.