Summer Schedule Update ☀️

We wanted to keep you in the loop on some upcoming schedule changes at CFNA…

Our July 4th holiday schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday, July 3rd  –  10:00 AM and 5:15 PM classes only
  • Tuesday, July 4th  –  10:00 AM classes only

Since the summer always lends itself to wacky vacation and travel schedules we are making a few changes to the class lineup. Full classes are just more fun and more motivating. You may have already noticed we are merging some class times and putting others on hold throughout the summer.

Here are the specific changes:

  • 5:15 AM classes are on hold, but the 6:00 AM CrossFit remains Mon – Fri.
  • 8:30 AM classes are on hold, but the 9:30 AM CrossFit remains Mon – Fri.
  • 7:15 PM classes are on hold, but the 5:15 & 6:15 PM classes are on per usual

Additionally, we are increasing class capacity from 12 to 16 so those prime times will be much more available.

We are excited about the changes and looking forward to consistently full classes throughout the summer or sooner if need be. Please email Dani if you have any major conflicts. We can’t fix something if we don’t know about it.

As always, keep reserving those class times you want and canceling reservations you are unable to make!

Onward and Upward!