About Us

CrossFit North Atlanta

CrossFit North Atlanta is one of Atlanta’s oldest and most established CrossFit facilities. Our mission is simple. GET RESULTS.

We are a family style community of people who strive to be the fittest we can be. We are young, old, attorneys, engineers, students, former athletes, and never-been athletes. We are of all different fitness levels. We all have different goals that brought us here. We encourage each other and push ourselves to be better every day. Bottom line…you will fit right in!!



Our Team

We are a diesel engine greater than the sum of our parts.  Meet the people experienced leadership, world class coaches, and dedicated adminstrative support staff  that make CrossFit North Atlanta successful.

Our Facility

If CrossFit gym’s are boxes – we are a military-grade shipping container that get dropped from B-52 bombers.  Our space is 2nd to none in the Atlanta area.  It has all the amenities of world class training facility while maintaining the garage gym feel for which CrossFit is known.

Video Gallery

Video rocks. Check out some of our workouts, testimonials, special events and cultural snippets to help you get a better idea of who we are and what goes on inside the chain link fence. It ain’t Spielberg or Tarantino, but there’s some great stuff in here.