Are iPads Killing Children’s Imagination?

It’s no secret that there is a new generation growing up that is addicted to screens. Between cell phones, tv’s, ipads, computers, and video games- the average kid spends 5-6 hours per day staring at a screen. Often times 2… Read more »

How To Toughen Up Your Kid

Nowadays kids aren’t very mentally tough. Everyone gets a participation trophy, no one wants to offend anybody, and no one wants to punish or spank their kid. But this is how mental strength is developed and it is an important… Read more »

Put Your Kids To Work!

Research shows that kids who start doing chores at the young age of 3-4 are more likely to be successful and have better relationships later on in life. It creates confidence in their own abilities to complete tasks and helps them be more… Read more »

Are You Making Your Child Unhealthy?

Parents want to do the best for their kids but sometimes we can set them up for failure just by doing simple things like comparing them to others or doing everything for them. Here are a few different ways you… Read more »

Physical Activity Improves Grades

It is no doubt that exercise is beneficial to your health but did you know that it has been proven to improve grades?  Studies show that the kids who regularly exercised scored 30% higher on tests compared to the kids who… Read more »

Make Your Child Earn Screen Time

Did you know that the average American household uses 7 connected devices everyday? Recent studies have shown that between tv, videos, internet, games, and social media, kids are getting around 75 hours of screen time through media every week. There… Read more »

Homemade Summertime Popsicles

Warm weather is finally here! Which also means it’s popsicle weather! Kids love popsicles but usually the store bought brands aren’t always the healthiest options. It’s so easy to make your own and they taste better as well! Here’s what you’ll… Read more »

More Movement=Better Test Scores

Research shows that children taking short breaks for activity throughout the day helps children learn and focus more during class. Kids are forced to sit still for hours a day being expected to learn and absorb information, but only getting… Read more »