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Physical Activity Improves Grades

It is no doubt that exercise is beneficial to your health but did you know that it has been proven to improve grades?  Studies show that the kids who regularly exercised scored 30% higher on tests compared to the kids who… Read more »


Make Your Child Earn Screen Time

Did you know that the average American household uses 7 connected devices everyday? Recent studies have shown that between tv, videos, internet, games, and social media, kids are getting around 75 hours of screen time through media every week. There… Read more »


Homemade Summertime Popsicles

Warm weather is finally here! Which also means it’s popsicle weather! Kids love popsicles but usually the store bought brands aren’t always the healthiest options. It’s so easy to make your own and they taste better as well! Here’s what you’ll… Read more »

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More Movement=Better Test Scores

Research shows that children taking short breaks for activity throughout the day helps children learn and focus more during class. Kids are forced to sit still for hours a day being expected to learn and absorb information, but only getting… Read more »

Is Exercise Therapy For Autism?

Studies show that more than half of the children diagnosed with autism are overweight or at risk for being overweight. It is slowly becoming the norm because of their unusual dietary patterns and the prescription drug medicine they are prescribed. But… Read more »

Does Your Child Have Low Muscle Tone?

More and more kids are being diagnosed with having low muscle tone. This is when the length of the muscle is slightly longer than normal, causing them to be weaker than usual. Some signs of low muscle tone can be… Read more »

Pumpkin Snack Muffins

Kids love to snack throughout the day, so it’s important to have some healthy options on hand. This pumpkin & carrot muffin recipe from Nom Nom Paleo is perfect for a midday snack! You could easily bake a bunch of these and then… Read more »

Are You Overworking Your Child In Sports?

Kids are packed solid with a full schedule these days between school and sports. But is it too much for them to handle? It almost seems like a competition, whose child is involved with the most sports or activities, whose… Read more »


Everyone Loves Chicken Nuggets!

ALL kids love chicken nuggets, but they aren’t always the healthiest option. Most are highly processed and packed with preservatives/fillers. Here is a good recipe for gluten free paleo chicken nuggets, that your kids will love. Plus, it’s a lot healthier than… Read more »