Ignite The¬†Fire WithinūüĒ•

BURN is a 45 minute high energy, GET-IT-AND-GO group workout that is 100% CrossFit but with NO heavy lifting or complex barbell movements.

BURN incorporates our proven and effective CrossFit training methodologies of constantly varied functional movements at high intensity with focus on metabolic conditioning to maximize calorie burning and weight loss.

Finally, a CrossFit for any BODY. Everything we do is scalable. No matter your current fitness level, physical limitations or injuries, our certified trainers will personalize your workout to meet you right where you’re at.

BURN is great CrossFit entry point for beginners and stand alone program that you can enjoy and benefit from indefinitely.

 Here are few  example BURN workouts.

  • 5 Rounds For Time:¬†15 Jumping Squats, ¬†10 Sit ups, ¬†5 Push-ups,¬†200m Run
  • 16 Minutes:¬†Odd minute : 5 DB Thrusters, 10 Box Jump Overs¬†Even: 10 Jumping Lunges, 5 Push-ups
  • In 3 minutes complete:¬†20 Box Step Ups,¬†10 Push ups,¬†10 V-ups,¬†10 Cal Row,¬†Rest 1 Minute,¬†4 Rounds
  • 25-20-15-10: ¬†Kettlebell Swings,¬†Box Jump Overs,¬†Burpees


5:15 AM  Р 6:00 AM    MON / WED / FRI
8:30 AM Р9:15 AM      MON / WED / FRI
4:30 PM Р5:15 PM      FRI
5:15 PM  Р6:00 PM    TUES / THURS
6:15 PM Р7:00 PM      MON / WED



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