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The CFNA Difference

CrossFit is NOT one size fits all. Every person has a unique starting point for their fitness level.  It’s challenging to adopt a system that can improve a broad range of beginners to advanced athletes, but that’s how our system originated and it’s been 10 years in the making. It’s designed, tested, and proven to get results for any BODY.

We also do not believe in minimum time requirements. Our system works with each individual’s capabilities. We won’t hurry anyone that is not ready… nor will we hold back anyone that is. Our coaches will get to know you and your level of hard. As you progress, so will we. We will continue to push and encourage you. This is your journey. Whether your goal is to get a pull-up or simply look good naked, we’ll be there to support and guide you along the way.


What you can expect in ALL of our CrossFit Classes:

  • 100% CrossFit training experience
  • Highly instructional coaching
  • Priority on movement and technique
  • Stretching and mobility
  • Movement scaling & substitutions, when necessary
  • New skill acquisition
  • Motivational group class environment
  • Appropriate loading for safe lifting
  • Focused strength training
  • Intense metabolic conditioning
  • Community and accountability

ONE Workout of the Day

Typical CrossFit Experience:
Beginner to Advanced, 0 months +

ONE is our commitment to a CrossFit Lifestyle. Train hard, get fit, look good naked. ONE programming is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. ONE is the perfect CrossFit prescription to make change and progress in your fitness. Whether you are in your first month of classes or have been CrossFit training for years… these workouts have everything you need to be more awesome.


The Bull-Pen is a parent-monitored kid zone in the main gym with clear siding so the kids can keep an eye on mom and dad during the workout. This area allows parents to come workout any time of day and not have to pay extra for a sitter.


Our COMPETE program is for elite athletes with aspirations of competing in the sport of fitness at the Regionals and Games level.

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