CrossFit Kids North Atlanta presents…


The youth fitness program YOU and your CHILD been waiting for!

NinjaFit provides the fitness outlet YOU want for your child… in a way YOUR CHILD wants to do it! NinjaFit will challenge your very unique child on an individual level with all the benefits of a group environment.

Our kids have described NinjaFit as
“American Ninja Warrior mixed with CrossFit Kids and a Spartan obstacle course race. IT’S REALLY FUN!”

Train like a NINJA!

The Ninja is the definitive overachiever, they are GOOD at everything!

A Ninja’s training starts with a foundation of fitness. Like any athlete they must be competent in the same 10 general physical skills all adults and kids need to be to thrive in life and any sport!

Cardio Endurance  |  Stamina  |  Strength  |  Flexibility  |  Power  |  Speed  |  Coordination  |  Agility  |  Balance  |  Accuracy



NinjaFit is based on the principle of

Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity found in our CrossFit Kids program. The priority is teaching kids how to move efficiently and safely. A better understanding of their bodies and how they move opens the door to most any athletic endeavor.

We believe in good movement. The foundation of consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, increased academic achievement, and fewer sports related injuries

As parents ourselves we know that bodies in motion stay in motion. Our job is to get em’ up, get em’ out and get em’ moving!

Additionally, as parents we wanted a program that could be enjoyed year round regardless of what school activities or sports commitments our children may have. NinjaFit was created with that in mind. Both the format and fee structure make it a great solution for any family whatever the season may be.

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All of our youth and teen classes are run by experienced senior level certified coaches with backgrounds in youth strength & conditioning, childhood development and nutrition.

Travis Harkey   CFNA Owner / CrossFit L2 / CrossFit Kids / Father of 4
Elizabeth Harkey   CFNA Owner / Supermom of 4
Ashley Crocker  CrossFit L1  / Young Life Leader
Dani “Red” Moore   CrossFit L1 / Admin / CPR

“Just wanted to let you know how much my son loves NinjaFit. He’s been having a tough year – for a bunch of reasons – and I’m so thankful that he has an activity that the enjoys and feels successful in and on that challenges hi. He woke up this morning and said, “I get to go to Crossfit today!” It’s pretty great! ”

NinjaFit Mom


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Mondays & Wednesdays
4:15 – 5:00 pm
Boys & Girls ages 5-11

emma hart tire climb


Unlimited NinjaFit Classes  … $99 / mo
$12.50 / Class

10 Class Punch Card  …  $200
$20 / Class 

 Single Visit / Drop-In  …  $25

Family Discount: 10% discount on additional memberships & punch cards for siblings.

  • Punch Card expires after 2 months.
  • Unlimited Membership plan is month-to-month and auto renews monthly. 1st months payment and down payment due upon start. 30 day written notice to terminate (down payment credited as last month)

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Call us at 404.355.4500 or email us anytime.

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“Our daughter said she wanted to do a Ninja Warrior themed party for her 6th birthday. We saw that CrossFit North Atlanta does Ninja Warrior parties and it had good reviews so we gave it a try. They did not disappoint. Our daughter and her friends (and their parents) loved it. The staff was very helpful. They assisted with setup and were really good with the kids (ages ranging from 4-7). The obstacles were appropriate for their ages. After they did the course once the nervousness was gone and they all began tackling the course like champs.

If your child wants to do a Ninja Warrior party, I definitely recommend CrossFit North Atlanta.
Darryl M. on Yelp!