Membership Hold Request

Account Holds 

  1. Members may put their account “on hold” one time per calendar year. 
  2. Holds must be in one calendar week increments, and for no longer than 3 consecutive calendar months.
  3. Account holds will include a set end date (or return date) within this 3 month period. (with the following exceptions: member is injured, sick, or is pregnant and/or has had a baby. In both cases the return date will be mutually determined based on the recovery and recuperation.)
  4. Wodify will pause your membership and generate your next auto-payment when hold request is placed. Your membership will pick back up where it stopped and your pre-hold payment will be applied to your next auto-payment once your account is active again. Note: This process is automated via Wodify and cannot be customized.

Submit your membership hold request hereMember Service will confirm receipt of your account hold request.

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