Hurt Hotline

  1. Review the information on this webpage
  2. Submit the form to let the CFNA Office AND Dr. Danny know what happened.
  3. Dr. Danny Matta will call you back as soon as possible for a free 10 min consult. He will recommend an appropriate course of action which my include seeing him or your healthcare professional of choice.

* CFNA does not receive any compensation from Dr. Danny Matta or Athlete’s Potential. There is no obligation to use his services.

Hurt vs injured?

Marines will tell you that pain is just weakness leaving the body. We agree with that in some ways and not in others. Pain of some kind is all but synonymous with intense physical training. The challenge is determining what the pain is … and what it means. It takes time to understand and differentiate pain… and the difference between being HURT or INJURED. The human body is amazingly resilient and fragile at the same time. Your training is war not a single battle and we are going to err on the side of precaution. For safety and legal reasons there are limitations to what our coaches can diagnose or treat. However we are fortunate to have several licensed health care professionals in house. We have created an injury protocol for CFNA members that includes access to in-house Physcal Therapist Dr. Danny Matta called the HURT HOTLINE. Above all else… tell one of us if you are injured, or think you are injured.

Injured or think that you are? Here is what you need to do…

IF YOU ARE IN CLASS … Stop what you are doing Tell your coach. Tell the office… THE HURT HOTLINE Your coach will submit an internal incident report but just in case they don’t it is very important that we hear from you as well.
IF YOU ARE AWAY FROM THE GYM .. and small pain turn into big pain, or a warm muscle cools down and gets angry. Stop doing anything that hurts Visit the HURT HOTLINE.


Until then, please email us with details of your injury.