CrossFit is NOT one size fits all. Every person has a unique starting point for their fitness level.  It’s challenging to adopt a system that can improve a broad range of beginners to advanced athletes, but that’s how our system originated and it’s been 10 years in the making. It’s designed, tested, and proven to get results for any BODY.

Lifestyle CrossFit

CrossFit is the prescription to make change and progress in your fitness. Train hard, get fit, look good naked. Our CrossFit programming is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes.


Our “Launch” program brings you traditional CrossFit workouts in an “all levels” environment. Think smaller classes and more instruction. It is the perfect entry point for anyone new to CrossFit.


BUILD is a Strength Training only class for experienced lifters. If you are looking to get stronger and more efficient in your lifts, this is the program for you

Personal Coaching

Program Design

You want some more. You are ready to put the extra work in where you need it. To do what it takes to get stronger and faster. A personalized strength & conditioning program would be a game changer

Bod Pod

The BOD POD is the safest, most accurate, and most subject-friendly of all methods used to assess body composition. We offer IN-HOUSE and ON-SITE testing where available.



NinjaFit starts with a foundation of fitness for kids ages 5-11. The priority is teaching kids how to move efficiently and safely.

Groups & Events

Corporate Wellness

If you’re serious about taking a stand for fitness among your employees and corporation, get with the program that is breaking down boundaries on what it means to be fit and healthy.