Nutritional supplementation is an effective approach to restoring balance in our bodies whether through the supply of vitamins and minerals, micro-nutrients and proteins, or by taking advantage of the health-promoting effects of natural products.

What Products Can I Take? (depends on fitness goals)


Why Choose AdvoCare?

  • Informed Choice: All of the Performance Elite products are certified by Informed Choice.  This means the products meet all Olympic, NCAA, and anti-doping guidelines.  AdvoCare has more products certified through this voluntary program than all other supplement companies combined.
  • Scientific / Medical Board:  Highly regarded and recognized in their areas of expertise, members of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board use their knowledge and experience in the fields of medicine, nutrition and science to ensure that all AdvoCare products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients based on the latest scientific research.
  • Sports Advisory Council: The AdvoCare Sports Advisory Council includes many of the top strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers in the country involved in football, hockey, motor sports and wrestling. Strength and conditioning coaches and trainers were among the first to discover the superiority of AdvoCare products. Today, they exchange information on a variety of topics relating to the use of nutritional supplements in the training of athletes and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. These premier experts also consult with AdvoCare on issues relating to current and future product development – helping to ensure that AdvoCare stands for innovation and excellence through products that give athletes and performers a competitive edge.
  • Non-paid Endorsers: They expect the best from themselves, and look to AdvoCare to exceed their expectations. At the end of the day, they choose AdvoCare because they know the products work and that they are safe. Learn about the athletes and performers who trust AdvoCare with their health and performance.


Advocare Business Opportunity

  • Become a Distributor: If you know you’re going to use supplements, you might as well get an immediate 20% discount on all the products (like having a Sam’s or Costco card).  It’s $79 to do this and you get $50 worth of SLAM and SPARK just for signing up.
  • Watch this Video for a better understanding of the business opportunity
  • Contact Spencer for details on how to get started