40 day fitness, nutrition and recovery challenge.


is a balanced and sustainable fitness lifestyle. Like Crossfit, it is a general physical preparedness for life. Awesome is not a final destination, but rather a launching pad that one can maintain or continue to improve. 
To achieve this state of fitness, or Awesomeness, requires: 

  • Physical Fitness: The CFNA CrossFit RX – Workout AT LEAST 3x/week.
  • Optimal Nutrition: Our Nutrition Rx – You can’t out-train a shitty diet. It’s all about eating quality foods that promote an optimal
 well-being in amounts that fuel an active lifestyle. 
  • Recovery & Maintenance: Our Recovery Rx – Take care of your body and it will not only take care for you, but it will allow you to perform at high levels more often.
  • Path and Support: Our Community Rx – Accountability and community are the key pieces to a successful journey. We are here to support you from day 1 to day 40 and beyond. When you got questions, we’ll have answers. 


RX Icons-CrossFit    RX Icons-Nutrition     RX Icons-Recovery     RX Icons-Support


To adhere to CFNA’s Fitness RX, Nutrition RX, and Recovery RX for 40 days with the support and accountability of the CFNA team.


  • 2/27-3/11  Pre-Metrics Testing Weeks
  • 3/6  Start Date
  • 4/15  End Date
  • 4/9-4/15  Post-Metrics Testing Week



None. All members welcome and highly encouraged to participate!


Your guide to the next 40 days.

Prize Categories

  • Most body fat % lost
  • Most inches lost
  • Most improved performance on benchmark WOD


Cash prizes, 1-on-1 training sessions, gift certificates and much more to be announced!


Option 1 – Participate $50
 ($40 to two Bod Pod tests, $10 to Prize Pot)

Option 2 – Participate & Engage $10*
 ($10 to Prize Pot) 

*Free Bod Pod tests if you:

  • Allow us to possibly use your results for case study
  • Do a member testimony or interview
  • Actively engage in the Facebook group
  • Invite 2 friends in for a free intro and Burn or CrossFit class


Got questions? Email the Support Team.