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Commit to Your Goals.

We offer multiple programs, including CrossFit, all of which are a part of our proven formula for getting you the best results.

Our formula for success focuses on four key components: training, nutrition, and recovery, plus a strong community atmosphere that includes knowledgeable coaches and like-minded members to keep you accountable.  

Our packages include options to train 3 to unlimited times per week depending on their goals, motivation, and budget.

We’ll help you determine the best option for you.



Start On Your 90 Days to Awesome!

The first few months of any fitness program are the most important. Our one of a kind 90 Days to Awesome new member program provides the tools, resources, and accountability for your success. This program is exclusive to CrossFit North Atlanta.

In your first week we will evaluate, set goals, chart your course, and get you started on your journey. You’ll see how the rest unfolds at your Advisor Session.

1- Senior Coach Advisor Session

  • Set up & learn your online member tools
  • Get 90 Days to Awesome handbook
  • Learn our training, nutrition and recovery formulas for success
  • Establish goals and map out how to reach them

2- Initial Body Metrics appointment

3- Get your Personal Coach Mentor

  • For support and weekly check-ins
  • 30 – 60 – 90 day performance reviews
  • Your ultimate resource on your journey to results