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I’ve been doing CrossFit at CFNA since January 2014 and I absolutely love it here! The coaches and members are very supportive and friendly. The programming is moderate to hard but ALWAYS offers modifications. CFNA has a HUGE workout space which is hard to find in the city. I would recommend this gym to anyone who does CrossFit in Atlanta. I would also highly recommend this gym to anyone who is new to CrossFit all together. I was super nervous when I started but CFNA has the friendliest staff/members that want to teach you the movements and help you achieve your goals! 


It’s a family. It’s a community. I started crossfitting at Crossfit North Atlanta way back in 2008 when my first born was still a baby. I’ve been an athlete most of my life and was looking for something to ignite that spark again. Enter Crossfit North Atlanta. After my first workout, I was hooked. The best part though is that there are people of ALL skill levels, sizes and ages. For the women out there who may be intimidated or nervous to try it, don’t be. Crossfit North Atlanta is one of the first Crossfit gyms in Atlanta and they know their stuff. You will be taught properly from the start and will be well on your way to getting your groove back or getting a new groove…along with strength, confidence and friends you will have for a lifetime. If you’re worried about “bulking” up as a woman, don’t be. It’s virtually impossible with the training we do. Now you might lose all the baby fat and become faster, stronger and harder to kill but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind that. After 8 years, I still get sore which is a great thing- it means my muscles are constantly being challenged and worked. I’ve also never seen a crossfitter that looked their age. Cheers to that! It’s the only sport I’ve ever been involved in where the person in last has the loudest cheers. So go check out CFNA. You know you’ve been wanting to. Time to put yourself first and make a lifestyle change. You won’t regret it. I know I didn’t. 🙂


Everyone is welcome – no matter if this is your first time to a gym or a CrossFit fanatic. The coaches help you with form, technique, and also encourage you during the workout. They push you as far as you want to go….and maybe just a little more because they know you are capable. Heck – even the other CF members encourage you along the way! Double thumbs up!!


My husband and I are from out of town and came for a drop in class. This box is awesome! The staff is extremely welcoming and the fellow athletes are inviting and friendly. The space is huge, and I loved the fact that you have your own personal space while working out. Definitely would recommend this gym! Thanks so much for everything!! 


Great box with a genuine community, awesome people running it who gave me an great welcome and to new PR’s during my visit!